Grow Spicy Nasturtiums

Nasturtiums are a wonderfully versatile, and delicious, annual to plant.

I love to add the peppery-tasting flowers to salads so I keep a couple of pots full of these charming annuals right outside my kitchen door.

The challenge to growing nasturtiums is giving them a good start. I start by cutting a small nick in the side of each seed. I then soak the seeds at least overnight to soften the seed shells so sprouts have an easier way to start.

When potting, I also keep potting soil inside at room temperature before adding seeds. You can eat everything from the leaves to the flowers. The leaves are fun in a salad or as a base for a vegetable dish. Not only do they add a peppery taste but nasturtium flowers are a lovely garnish, too.

How do you like to use nasturtiums in your cooking?