Those Talking Veggies…

I found this charming poem on a scrap of newspaper. It was inside an "old book" I bought at a library book sale.  It's called "Gossip in the Pantry:"

"The Cabbage bowed her queenly head,
The Ham boiled through with rage,
The salt ran down the cellar
For counsel with the Sage;
The old Potato winked his eye,
The Pepper sneezed a tear,
The Ginger burned up with disdain,
The Corn pricked up her ear,
The Steak alone in sympathy
Did smother back a scoff,
The Eggs were so much mortified
A dozen scrambled off.
The entire pantry neighborhood
Seemed to be awry;
The naughty Cold-Sliced Tongue had told
A Concentrated Lye!"
Signed "McCalls."