Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

With kids out of school and friends and relatives visiting, here's a fun project that re-uses those old cinnamon sticks we meant to use in cooking. No recipe required.

Aren't they cute?

To make, you will need a clean working area; glue; jute string or ribbon; paints and tiny paint brushes; old small buttons, black felt and fabric remnants for snowman scarf; black embroidery floss to tie around the buttons and a little patience.

Glue on the string or ribbon before starting. That way you will know that the cinnamon stick won't break when you hang it. Cinnamon is basically tree bark and it can dry out if stored for a long time.

Also make sure the painted cinnamon sticks dry before handling. 

Here they are close up individually for a guide. This is the easier one, Santa:

For the more detailed-oriented, try a snowman with a scarf and buttons:

These would also make charming gift decorations!