Why I Share Recipes

Ice storm January 14, 2017 is beautiful at Bluebird Gardens.

"...just saw your post for your Ice Storm Chicken Veggies Rosemary Stew. Who do you model yourself after? Recipe looks simple enough....." -- Mary

Why I Share Recipes

Hi Mary, this is a post to remind us that cooler weather is just around the corner.

The ice storm was beautiful but I am glad I could stay safely at home, looks like we got at least half an inch of ice on everything, a typical Missouri ice storm.

The challenge with ice storms is that roads are dangerous to drive on unless one has chains on tires and utility lines break from the weight of the ice, leaving people without electricity, sometimes for days.

My focus is on making a healthier life for myself, and that starts in the kitchen. Besides loosing weight, I want delicious meals I can make with good, locally-grown produce, some of which I grow myself. This particular dish was inspired by a pot of fresh rosemary growing quite well in one of my windows and I thought it was about time I use a few sprigs.

My brothers know I like to "play" with my food. In my world, that means trying out new dishes with what I have in my crisper. My brothers and I used to do that on Friday nights when we grew up and we came up with some amazing dishes. My brother David still has the record for the worst dish ever with his fried lettuce casserole. Man, was that foul...we tried it, just to make sure it really was that bad.

I love cooking shows, knowing something will pop up later when I'm in the kitchen but I don't think cooking has to be difficult or complicated. Well, at least I don't want to make it that hard, healthy eating should be simple if you start with good fresh ingredients.

Let me know what you think of the Ice Storm Chicken Veggie Rosemary Stew recipe and if you make any alterations. I like having it the second day, it's better than the first!