Fruit Cup Surprise

One of my favorite restaurants in town is known for their cupcakes. Cupcakes and Cravings, actually, is a charming combination deli, bakery and catering but especially sweet treats.

Tracy Pierce, Cupcakes and Cravings, Rolla, MO owner, does a lovely job with our monthly community catered lunches. We like healthy food with normal serving sizes so soup and half a sandwich and a little fruit is one of our winter menu staples. In summer, we have a salad instead of soup and fruit. Sometmes it's cut-up canteloupe, other times Bing cherries or blueberries.

For our January 2015 lunch, Tracy decided to treat us to, out of season but a personal favorite, strawberry and raspberry fruit cups. I didn't get to try the fruit cups until I had it for dessert after dinner.

Do you see them?

Tracy stuffed the larger raspberries with white chocolate chips, which helped sweeten the less than ripe berries.

What a great, and easy way, to take a fruit cup up a notch!

Did I mention I love surprises???