Leftover Scrambled Eggs

It's been a long day. I forgot to eat lunch and now I'm hungry and tired. Reminds of the days after we used to have pajama parties. Borderline cranky, and now I'm reminded I should have cleaned out the refrigerator yesterday.

Nothing like jumbling it all together and making a meal out of it.

Leftover Scrambled Eggs

Dab of extra virgin olive oil in flying pan.

Half a handful of diced onions. I cleaned out the yellow, white and red onions I harvested last fall.

Chopped up tomato. There was probably 3/4rths I still could use.

Sliced mushrooms. Five, not counting the one I munched on.

Six eggs, lightly beaten with a fork.

Pieces of torn parsley.

Sea salt.

To make:

Heat up olive oil on medium low. Add onions, mushrooms and tomatoes and toss until mushrooms turn brown.

Add eggs and mix. Gently toss to cook all the way through.

Add parsley pieces and salt.

Serve 1/3 on a plate with small salad. Save the rest for tomorrow's breakfast and lunch. Oh, and add a strawberry. I found one in the back of the crisper.

The key is to cook vegetables first, add the eggs last. I don't think I have ever made this the same way twice.

Excuse me now, it's dinner time!