Waffle Iron Omelets

Have a housefull for the holidays?

I was remembering the years when I did; all of the cookie-making, confidences shared and oh, so many dish towels washed...happy memories. It also crossed my mind I could have used this recipe then to quickly make breakfast!

No flour or any kind, these are basically cooked eggs with a few fresh veggies, and spices, added.

I have been looking for a healthy breakfast option I can make myself and stumbled on waffle iron omelets. I love waffles, and omelets, but I don't always have the time to make them. By using seasonal vegetables, cooking this ahead of time and individually freezing them, I can have a good protein breakfast.

Sounds like a good option for holiday entertaining, doesn't it?

Waffle Iron Omelets Ingredients*: *like any good omelet, add your favorite ingredients. These are mine:

3 eggs

1 minced green pepper (or minced peppers to taste)

6 medium minced mushrooms

1/4 cup minced yellow onions

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/4 tsp thyme

1 tbsp oil (I use extra virgin olive oil)

dash of salt

If I had tomatoes I would have minced some to add. You can also mince sausage, ham or any other protein, just make sure they are finally chopped so they can cook quickly.

To make: do a lot of mincing! This is where you can put extra hands to work helping. I used green peppers but any peppers will work. Maybe a red pepper to add a little holiday color, mixed in with green peppers?

I don't usually put cheese in my omelets but I had a little bar of left-over mozarella from an office party. You can use any cheese of your choice that holds up well when heated.

Well, don't add egg shells. You would think that would be obvious but one year we had very chewy sugar cookies because one of my very young brothers forgot to remove the egg shell:

Whisk all ingredients together.

Heat up waffle iron.

Divide batter into two equal portions so you don't end up with too much egg mixture in one pouring. Here's the first waffle iron omelet short of batter.

Don't overload the waffle iron, either, or you will have eggs everywhere!

Once batter is cooked, remove to a plate to cool. Divide. Place in freezer to freeze. Store in freezer bag for later use.

Heat up waffle iron omelets in toaster or electric oven. See, so easy and healthy.

If you eat one fourth of the waffle with a little fruit, that's less than one egg per serving. Filling, too!

What have you added to your waffle iron omelets?