charlotte ekker wiggins  at Bluebird Gardens in Missouri, USA.

charlotte ekker wiggins at Bluebird Gardens in Missouri, USA.

Hi, I'm Charlotte, a sister and now a - well, one of my brothers calls me a "reckless" - cook and founder of Bluebird Gardens . As we were growing up, cooking was a chance to spend time together and "play" with food. Even today when I visit one of my brothers, we end up in the kitchen concocting a new recipe or trying out some new flavor combination.

Not that all of our experimental dishes are delectable. My brother David's fried lettuce dish still ranks among one of the worst ideas anyone has ever tried. 

When I was married, I often had a range of up to 8 children spending the weekend so I learned to embrace my cupcake pans and prepare dishes kids liked to eat, and make.

Although I sometimes forget to write down the ingredients of new dishes I may try,  I also have a lot of tried and true recipes to share. I am focused on healthy eating, which means some of these dishes may not taste good if you have been eating fast foods and rich, heavy dishes. Your palate will adjust if you stay away from fast food and start pursuing a more healthy "Slow Food" life style.

Don't despair, I will also include decadent treats. Even as I continue to loose weight I indulge in a treat now and then, and some of those will include using fresh honey from my bee hives.

Grab an apron and let's get started!