Spring Decorated Deviled Eggs

Edible pansies make a lovely garnish on deviled eggs.

Edible pansies make a lovely garnish on deviled eggs.

One of the advantages of meeting monthly for a bee club are the goodies people bring to share.

During our March 2016 Rolla Bee Club meeting, a plate of deviled eggs showed up for a snack beautifully garnished with small spring pansies. Pansies are edible and make a lovely garnish for eggs as well as salads and other dishes.

How to Use Flowers as Garnish

For many of my friends, pansies mark the beginning of the growing season. If you buy them from a garden center, you are buying plants that have been treated with pesticides to prevent bug damage.

Please wash them before using. Use a spray bottle with warm water and gently spray so you don't damage the delicate petals. Allow to dry. Cover if refrigerating.

Other Quick Green Garnish

Adding color to any dish does not have to be complicated. Herbs not only make a nice garnish but add a nice pop of color.

These deviled eggs also had a sprinkling of fresh sliced green onions that added a nice touch of green. Delicious!