A Pomegranate a Day

A few years back, a friend at a grocery store said they couldn't sell pomegranates. Today, "pomegranate" can be found in almost everything from diet pills and energy drinks to hot teas.

Pomegranates were one of my mother's favorite "treats." Although you can use them a variety of ways, my mother loved hers just the way the fleshy seeds came out of the fruit.

Eve's Apple
Many scholars believe that the forbidden fruit in which Eve indulged in the Garden of Eden was actually a pomegranate, not an apple. The name "pomegranate" comes from Middle French "pomme garnete" and literally means "seeded apple". Pomegranates are also sometimes referred to as a Chinese apple.

Meaning of Pomegranates

This fruit originated in Iraq and Iran and is now cultivated in California and Arizona. During their 4000 year history, pomegranates have been symbols of prosperity, hope, and abundance. They are often used in wedding ceremonies, sometimes given as a gift, in the East.

Do you like pomegranates?