Cantaloupes, A Taste of Spring

Cantaloupes are like tomatoes in my book. I don't buy them out of season because they have little flavor and are often too green to even be salvaged in a fruit salad.

Mid-spring in Missouri, we start to get Arkansas-grown cantaloupes - they're bigger than the winter ones, with a lighter peel, sometimes with blemishes - but they're juicy and delicious.

To fix a cantaloupe, cut it in half and remove seeds. Keep dish towels handy to sop up the juice. Cut into quarters, then remove peel down to orange. I then cut them into smaller quarters and cut the quarters into bite-size pieces.

My Mom used to add salt to her cantaloupe but I eat mine without salt.

Delicious for breakfast or a fruit treat at any meal. Store covered in refrigerator.