Doggie Cones

Warm weather is a special time for my two neighbors, Hershey and Hope.

Hershey is a chocolate labrador; Hope is a golden retriever. Both dogs live with Alison and Ryan, two Missouri S&T students who spend most of their days either in classes or books. Unless they are taking their dogs for a walk in the neighborhood, when I usually see them.

Or they see me.

Hershey in particular will make a mad dash for my house, sometimes beating me to the garage as soon as he sees my car turn the corner down my drive.

One weekend when I was babysitting the dogs, I took them to a local ice cream place for doggie cones. One year later, they still remember that trip, barking at my car door to let me know they are ready to take another ride.

Since we can't always do that, I started making homemade doggie cones for them. So easy! Using pre-made sugar cones, I fill them with light vanilla ice cream through the whole cone and put them in a freezer bag in the freezer. Initially I was freezing them separately but it's easy enough to pop them in a freezer bag all at once.

When I have barking visitors, out come the cones for a quick treat.

I make extra.

People need ice cream treats, too!

 Hope inhales his ice cream cone but Hershey takes his time. Sweet, don't you think?