Vintage Nutcrackers

When I think of the holidays, I think of all of the places I have been priviledged to see the ballet "The Nutcracker."

Starting as a ballet dancer as a youngster - I played a snowflake before I had ever seen snow - the costumes, staging and music all bring back memories of different stages of my life. 

Nutcrackers were also a practical part of our holiday tradition. Mom always "treated" us to a bowl of unshelled nuts during Christmas. My brothers and I would sit around the kitchen table with a nutcracker, shelling the nuts and catching up with our adventures while we were apart.

This little vintage metal nutcracker reminded me of the ballet.

At the same thrift store where I found this nutcracker, there was another more practical nutcracker also marked vintage.

Do you use the simple, metal nutcracker in your kitchen?