Stuffed Daylily Salmon

Every time I make this, guests have raved over the whole presentation.

It's so easy, I almost feel guilty!

Make sure you're using daylilies that haven't been treated with any chemicals or pesticides.

I first make the salmon stuffing, then let my guests cut their own flowers.

To make salmon stuffing:

Measure 2 ounces per serving canned pink salmon.

Mix 1 TBSP real mayo and 1/2 tsp interesting mustard per serving.

Grey Poupon is my fall back.

Use fresh onion sprouts for stamens. If you have bean sprouts, those will also work as stamens. Remove daylily stamen by pinching with fingers; then wash flower with spray wash so you don't damage flower petals.

Allow to dry. Place on serving plate. Stuff with salmon mixture. Serve!

If you don't have daylilies, you can still make the salmon and serve with minced onions.

The flower, though, adds a lot, don't you think?