Whipped Honey

It's a funny name, isn't it, and the honey is not whipped at all but "whipped honey" is one of the common names for this easy to make, honey-based delicacy. Whipped or creamed honey is basically honey that's been crystalized and turned into a butter-like consistency. Europeans prefer to have their honey in this whipped or "cream" form, which isn't sticky and reminds me of a honey butter.

To make, use 1 part whipped honey starter to 10 parts liquid honey.

Mix well. Cover. Store in a cool spot.

Mix once daily for 3-5 days until the mixture becomes as thick as molasses.

Pour into storage containers.

Store again in a cool spot for 6-10 days.

The honey molecules will mimic the whipped honey starter and become smooth as butter. Great to spread on breads and fruits. These also make delicious gifts!