Sweet Potatoes

I can still remember taking a bite out of a favorite pie and not being able to take a second bite. Once I started to eat less processed, more natural foods, my taste buds changed. What once I craved, I could no longer eat because it was now too sweet.

The same thing happened eating sweet potatoes. Once slathered in brown sugar and topped with marshmallows, a traditional midwest Thanksgiving dish, I now cook these sweet treats baked without anything else.

How to Bake Sweet Potatoes

  1. I try to pick the same sized potatoes so they all finish baking about the same time.
  2. Wash then dry the potatoes.
  3. Make a cross cut somewhere in the center.
  4. Bake at 350F in center rack until the potatoes feel soft. Allow to cool on a cookie rack.
  5. Store in refrigerator until you want to use it.
  6. I slice mine, then add to a salad or eat three pieces with a protein at dinner as a sweet treat.