Radish Roses

One of the simplest, and ooh-ed over garnishes I have made are radish roses.

With a little practice, you will quickly be able to cut a radish in half with a circle of triangles that form the flower petals.

You can change the look of the flowers by changing what you plop in the center - here I have a little mayo to balance the radish taste. Favorite salad dressings, dried raisins and mayo/mustard are all other good choices.


Yummy Violets!

Looking for something pretty to spice up your dishes, or a quick dash of vitamins? It could be right out your door!

Wild violets add lovely color to any dish and are high in Vitamin C. They would also make any dish special as a gift from your kitchen.

To pick wild violets for garnish, make sure you're picking wild violets,

or any flowers, from an area that hasn't been treated with chemicals. Pull

gently on the flower stem to remove from the plant without taking out

roots. Wash. Pat dry.

I like to pile several wild violet stems together, keeping flowers on the

same side. My nephew prefers to literally toss his wild violets all over

his plate, giving his dish that extra artsy touch!